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Take Care Telemedicine

Assurance, not Insurance

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Improved Employee

Cost Savings

Access to Care


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We believe health care should be



so we made it that way.

24/7 Access to Care

with unlimited telemedicine visits via phone, video and live chats

Intelligent Alerts

location-sensitive alerts delivering benefits reminders

Find a Provider

identify providers and facilities near the members current location

Client Success Team

our dedicated team ensure that every group is equipped with the tools to succeed

Take Care Telemedicine

that works as hard as your do


No download needed. Compatible with Windows and Mac computers and smart devices.

Schedule / On-Demand

Schedule your appointment with your provider or consult with a provider On-Demand.

Personal Records

Create your Personal Profile and have access to your records at your convenience.

Portable Results

Download your lab results in PDF format for our accessibility.

Prescription Referral

Prescription(s) may be sent to your local Pharmacy and/or Specialty Pharmacy.

Payment Options

Private Pay

Family Login

One login per family for quick and convenient login (if necessary)

Patients Choice

Choose from our Verified Providers that is suitable for you.

Verified Providers

Verified State Licensed and/or Board Certified Providers.


COVID-19 Management

Primary Care Services

Urgent Care

Cold and flu symptoms, skin rashes, allergies fever vomiting, diarrhea and constipation

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Benefits our members

will use and love

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Primary Care

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Mobile Imaging

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Multi-Specialty Care

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Discounted Prescriptions

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Behavioral health

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Discounted Labs

We are your network

The days of patients complaining that their favorite primary care physician is not in their network are over.

Secure Payment

Simple and Secure Payment Processing (128 bit encryption)

Secure Network

Safe and Secure Network technology

Privacy & Secure

HIPAA Compliant Privacy and Encrypted Secure site

Take Care


The Care You Need, Anywhere You Are… in less than 5 minutes!

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know our vision

Our vision is


Give people control of their health with a choice that`s convenient, affordable — and just plain better for so many Americans.

Our values



Financial Peace of Mind

Quality Consumer Experience


Personalized High Tech and High Touch

Best-in-Class Solutions = Best Outcome & Adherence

Technology that Enables Transparency

Focused on Bringing Value to the individual

Our Solution

Consumer Lifecycle Platform

Broad Range of Services

One-Stop Integrated Clinical Service

Easy and Seamless Access to Care

Our Social Responsibility

Fostering Equal Access to Health Care Services

Advancing the Issue of Racial, Ethnic and Social Disparities

Philanthropy, Volunteerism, and Community Involvement

Promoting Programs to Enhance Care for Children

Get Started

Simple - Convenient - Accessible

No lines or waiting

Affordable - 20x less expensive than ER visits

Convenient and confidential

Physicians are licensed in their respective fields

Choice of video or phone consultations

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Why Us

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